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About Exciting Vacations

Jennifer Davis and Joe Davis

When you travel with Exciting Vacations, you’re guaranteed to find exciting and enriching experiences that you’ll remember forever…and that will forever change you.

My name is Jan Mauer, CTA, and I own Exciting Vacations, LLC, located in East Brunswick, NJ. I want to make your luxury vacation dreams a reality. With my expertise and passion, I am excited to create for you a vacation that not only meets your interests and budget, but also exceeds your every expectation.
With over 30 years of experience working in the travel industry, I specialize in the exotic and alluring South Pacific and in the historically romantic Western European countries: Italy, France, Monaco, Switzerland and Austria.
Living in Avignon, France, during my young adult years planted a seed deep inside me and changed my life forever. Immersed in the vibrant and stunning surroundings of the South of France, I formed lasting friendships and developed an appreciation for other people and cultures that have enhanced my life in every way possible.
I have also traveled extensively throughout Western Europe and to Tahiti. In fact, I’m a Tahiti Specialist. What’s more, Exciting Vacations is an affiliate of Virtuoso, offering you the best insider access into VIP travel around the globe.

  • Professional Credentials

    Certified Travel Associate (CTA)The Certified Travel Associate designation is conferred by The Travel Institute upon travel professionals who complete a rigorous certification program, demonstrate essential industry knowledge and experience, and maintain high standards of professionalism. CTAs possess at least 18 months of travel industry experience, and have completed the first level of a rigorous certification program that also requires the fulfillment of annual continuing education credits.
    In addition to being a Certified Travel Associate, we are accredited in the following:● Tahiti Tiare Agent● Honeymoon and Romance Lifestyle Expert● European Quartet Specialist● Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Specialist● South Africa Fundi Specialist● Explore Africa Specialist● Switzerland Specialist

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